A trip to heaven

The sudden turbulence came exactly at the right moment. It ended the nagging story the guy sitting next to me was very determined to tell.

In fact, he hadn’t kept quiet for one single second since he had wriggled his bum into the seat that was too small for his body. His eyes started to feast on mine. Words I didn’t want to hear came out of his mouth. I already knew all there was to know about him.

I didn’t want to know more.

The turbulence started at the precise moment he grabbed my hand and put it into his lap. In the chaos of the unexpected fall I saw my chance.

I opened his seatbelt.

And waited.

I didn’t have to wait long. The next fall of the plane was even better than the first. We dropped down for what seemed an endless time. And the guy sitting next to me… Well, he went up.

“I noticed earlier he didn’t wear his seatbelt,” I explained to the stewardess when things were back to normal again. “He bumped his head against the baggage bin. Real hard.”

In shock they all stared at the lifeless body in the seat next to me.

He’ll never tell another nagging story again.

@ WH 05/2012