Goodbye my friend

Remember that day you came back from the hospital? They said you were too ill to play and made me stay on my side of the fence. But I knew you were there, in your garden on the other side. I bought a balloon and let it dance above the fence.

It made you smile.

Remember that day you were feeling so bad? I climbed the fence and looked through the window of your room, because I wanted to see the tubes and the bandages you were hiding for me. I scared you so much you almost fell out of bed. You yelled at me to go away, but I stayed anyway.

And finally you smiled.

Remember that day we played in the sun? I took my paint box out and painted flowers on those scaring white bandages around your head. Red and yellow and blue. Then I built a pirate ship in the garden and for once let you be Captain Hook.

I loved your smile.

Remember the day we sneaked out of the house and climbed the hill together? You got tired, but I took your hand and when we reached the top, I saw the happiness in your eyes. The sun was still shining that day, but I guess we both knew the rain would come soon.

We sat under the tree and smiled.

The rain came sooner than we’d thought. You were so tired, so very tired and I couldn’t cheer you up. Together we went through the darkest clouds I’ve ever seen and I knew the time had come for you to go. I stood beside your bed and tried to smile.

That day we cried.

And now your room is empty. I look at the fence and know we’ll never play in the garden again. It makes me feel sad and lonely. I long for your smile.

I miss you so much, my friend.

So I went back to our hill, where we sat under the tree, and I think of you. It’s still early morn, but I can see the sun reaching out to me as she slowly climbs up in the sky. Her gentle touch reminds me of you and all the fun we had together. It reminds me of your love and your warmth and the last kiss we shared.

I won’t cry because it’s over.

You can still make me smile.

© W.H. 03/2012